GLOBTIPPER-SIEMENS means I+D engineering. The solutions we develop for our clients enable us to expand continually our range of products, from IoT devices and m2m terminals to applications. Each of these solutions incorporates a modular architecture that easily adapts to your requirements.

    We offer three families of products:

  1. IoT Devices
  2. GPS localization systems
  3. Software applications

Our systems approach (modularity and scalability) offers important benefits for our clients:

  • We offer “Low Cost” prices.
  • Rapid development.
  • We ensure migration when our clients look to expand or change the features of their products and services.

We design, develop and manufacture


SIGFOX devices
2G/3G devices

Software Applications

Smartphone APPs
Cloud-Based Platforms



  • 2G, 3G.
  • Accelerometer and digital gyroscope for verticality and move detection.
  • 2MB Non-volatile memory(EEPROM) de 2Mb to to store information about routes and geofencing. This memory allows the remote firmware update using the low energy Bluetooth system or 2G/3G communication. That system can include an embed SIM card.
  • Physical size: 36 mm diameter, 25 mm height


  • GSM/GPRS or 2G.
  • Fall and activity sensor (pedometer) + movility index + fall and unconsciousness detector.
  • HELP button.
  • Miniature vibrator LED.
  • Pulse Oxímeter, oxygen in the blood and heartbeat.
  • Contactless body temperature.
  • Biocompatible plastic or silicona housing.
  • Physical size: 27 mm diameter.


  • GSM/GPRS or 2G.
  • Microcontroller ARM Cortex M4 de 32b, 64Mhz, RTC, 1MB Flash, 256KB RAM with 56µ consumption amperes operating at a speed of 32.768Khz.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with range of around 80m, it includes an internal antenna.
  • Accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope of 3 axes (the three) of ultra low consumption (6.5µ amperes fully operational).
  • 2MB EEPROM memory (non-volatil).
  • MCU Contact Termometer. 0.3ºC precision.
  • Contactless termometer. 0.24ºC precisión.

    Meteorology stations

    Sigfox module or GPRS, GPS, equipped with sensors and with the following options:
    -Waterproof (IP67)
    -Independent or with rechargeable battery
    -Powered by solar panel or external battery

    Telemetrics and temperature and humidity measurement

    SIGFOX module or GPRS, GPS, equipped with sensors and with the following configurations:
    -GPS localization only
    -Internal temperature and humidity sensors
    -External temperature and humidity sensors


    SIGFOX or GPRS module with a scale incorporated, maximum weight 150 km, precise to 100 grams. Includes the following options:
    -Independence or rechargeable battery
    -Powered by solar panel, external battery or grid

    Water meter reader for industrial or domestic meters

    Container fullness level reader (SIGFOX or GPRS)

    Telemetric networks

    Comprised of sensors with WIFI, BT, ZigBee or RF modules to connect Gateway or GPRS router, for connection with Cloud

    Your terminal?

    We develop and manufacture the ideal terminal for your needs


    Application in the Cloud for vehicles/people/objetcs and Follow up in case of loss, theft or other significant event.

    Specific Family Safe platform with world wide coverage

    Location platform for lost objects/suitcases. Cloud application with access to smartphones and dashboard.

    APPs Supporting Platforms for Cloud-based Management and Administration supported by various APPs:

    APP FamilySafe

    People localization: the aged, Alzheimer patients, children…

    APP PetSafe

    Pet localization

    APP MotoSafe

    Security, theft detection and localization of motorcycles and scooters

    APP FamiliSafe V

    Localization of vehicles via Smartphone

    APP Family Safe O

    Localization of objects of any kind—jewelry boxes, briefcases, valuable collectibles, etc via smartphone.

    APP EasyDriving

    Efficient driving

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